Get ready for a stay like no other in ThienPhuc Palace

Code : ST EC 02
Destination: Hoa Binh
Duration : Destination

Get ready for a stay like no other in ThienPhuc Palace.

Location from Hanoi : 35 km or 1 hour drive
From ThienPhuc palace to :
International NoiBai airport ( Hanoi ) : 50 km or 1 hour drive
Route no 6 to HoaBinh or Hanoi : 1 km
Muong village Giang Mo : 45 km or 1 hour drive
Kim Boi spring water : 45 km or 1 hour drive
Perfume pagoda : 45 km or 1 hour drive
Da river : 25 km or 30 minutes drive
Duong Lam village : 45 km or 1 hour drive
Dong Chanh lake : 3 km or 15 minutes biking

Med tour, Biking, cooking, fishing and enjoy farming tour with local people.

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The Palace is of richly Oriental architecture with curved pagoda roofs and ancient decorative patterns glittering with red lacquer trimmed with gold, making visitors feel peaceful in their mind as if they were leaving this world of dust to return to the holy world.
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ThienPhuc Palace is also a spiritual destination where visitors show their sincere heart to the Buddha. In the ancient space, the voices of people reciting prayers make your mind relieved and purified. ThienPhucPhu is also a place where the Vietnamese culture of Mother Goddess is still being kept with particular ceremonies. During festivals or sacred parties, ThienPhuc Palace becomes bustling with music and songs of instrumentalists and mediums going into a trance in the worshipping of their followers, and we become better aware of the Mother Goddess religion and the mediumship that remind us to be grateful to those who deserved well of our country in the history, or to our benefactors.

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4 doube rooms with bed and decorations in a 180 years old antique royal Viet
Air conditioning & bathroom - Non-Smokingroom.

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  • Dining facilities at ThienPhuc include a restaurant.

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